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Bert Berookhim (RŪTA!) Allston, MA 2017-01-08 This is a very important testament to history and continuation of the tradition passed down from biblical times in the middle east. Huge works of commentary were created in Vilna as well. The preservation of the cemetery makes the huge contributions the people of this city made more relevant for future generations.

Yaacov Lieberman (RŪTA!) Far Rockaway, NY 2017-01-08 Every Orthodox Jew is concerned about the Jews buried in the Vilna cemetery. Their names are very familiar to us. We study their books and tell stories about them. Please don't desecrate their memory by building any building at all in that cemetery. Thank you very much.

Souls alive forever

Dvora Green Westborough,

 MA 2017-01-08 

The cemetery is a holy place....Called "Beit haChaim" - the "House of the "living" - these souls are forever alive.

Prevent desecration

Avrohom PINTER London, United Kingdom 2016-12-17 This is part of our heritage and we must preserve the cemetery at all costs. We can not allow the desecration of those buried there. Gabriel Gindel Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina 2016-12-18 Hay que dejar descansar en paz a los muertos!!

Tuuli Levit Helsinki, Finland 2017-01-04 This must never happen.

Pamela Johnson Austin, TX 2017-01-04 This is a sacred place do not defile it.

Ellen D. Solomon Woodmere, Nicaragua 2017-01-08

 Cemeteries should be sacred, no matter what religion they represent.

Avi Lev Delft, Netherlands 2017-01-08 thousands are still buried there!!!! Let them rest in PEACE ...

David Wasserlauf

 Queens, NY 2017-01-08 

Please do not desecrate this sacred graveyard.

Aliza Wein Baltimore, MD 2017-01-08 Please change the location of this center and let the deceased Rest In Peace. Thank you.

Prof. Richard C. Steiner STEINER Flushing, NY 2017-01-06 The Old Jewish Cemetery in Vilnius is a holy place that should be cherished, not desecrated.

Daniel Schneierson

 Baltimore, MD 2017-01-08 

I am signing out of respect for dead people. To me unless there is a life or death emergency there is no excuse to even consider building anything near dead bodies as is currently planned in Vilna. I urge the government in Vilna to stop this disrespectful plan. Sincerely Rabbi Daniel Schneierson President of Jewish Marriage and Shidduch (arranging dates to help Jews get married) organization

Zorach Salasnik Bushey, UK, United Kingdom 2017-01-08 Respect for human beings includes being respectful of their remains.

Personal heritage

Adele Stephens Zichron Yaacov,

 Israel 2017-01-08

I'm signing because I am a direct descenant of the Vilna Gaon, and can be sure that many members of my family were buried in this cemetery, together with all the other Jews whose remains must be treated with respect.

Linda Murphy Staten Island, NY 2017-01-08 My ancestors came from Vilna; my DNA is in the ground. My family suffered; isn't it enough? Don't all of us, Jew and non-Jew alike, descend to a level below our humanity, when a desecration happens, and are we not each ascending as a species when we honor our dead?

Respect Jewish heritage

Milton Markovitz Teaneck, NJ 2017-01-06 Please preserve the sacred remains of the glorious Jewish community which brought culture, heritage, honor and history to Vilnius. Do not desecrate the old Jewish cemetery and honor the memory of scholars and laymen who descendents still trace their proud heritage to your city.

A Cohen Queens, NY 2017-01-07 Respect for previous generations as expressed in how we treat their memories and their gravesites is a testimony to our humanity and appreciation of our ancestors and their legacy which we carry forward.

Lazar Zeiger Brooklyn, NY 2017-01-08 Some of our greatest forebears are buried there. I don't believe that you would show so little respect if they were your forebears.


Micha Odenheimer Jerusalem,

 Israel 2017-01-08 

The cemeteries in Eastern Europe are holy ground. I felt the old cemeteries in Cracow Poland and in Berdichev and Mezhibozh Ukraine where alive with meaning and atmosphere. Please don't cover up the Vilna cemetery. Also, it surely will draw Jewish pilgrims to Vilna and that is good for everyone.

Restore dignity

Donald Kohout Omaha, NE 2017-01-05 Pleases, as a humanitarian, I implore you to move the site of new construction away from the old Jewish cemetery. This is the final resting place for thousands of Jews who will be defiled by the crassness of your decision. Restore the cemetery so that these individuals will receive dignity and respect they so richly deserve.

Address the Holocaust (national desecration)

Lelah Bender-Ferguson Erfurt, Germany 2016-12-14 it is unacceptable to compromise the dignity and sanctity of a cemetary or courtyard of peace. Especially jewish cemetary s in this case in Lithuania where not enough has been done to work through that terrible time in Lithuanias history .. where so many wre handed over to the nazis

Michail Daskalakis Giontis Athens, Greece 2017-01-04 The disrespect of this sacred site is incompatible with the moral duty of Lithuania and Europe in general to respect the remnants of Ashkenazic civilization, which failed to protect when it was most in need.

Nicole Fendrich Far Rockaway, NY 2017-01-09 The governments of Lithuania and Vilnius should respect this Jewish Cemetery as a sacred Jewish cultural heritage site and not allow it to be destroyed for any corporate gain or government interest. Those who buried their dead in this cemetery paid for the land. Taking this land from them now, when those with the deeds to the property are not here to dispute it, is simply a continuation of the looting of Jewish property by those European countries which directly benefited from the Nazi’s targeted destruction of its Jewish citizens during World War II. The governments of Eastern Europe failed to protect their Jewish citizens less than a century ago when singled out by the Nazis for genocide. The least the current governments of Lithuania and Vilnius can do is leave the Jewish dead to rest in peace and protect this sacred site of Jewish heritage which remains.

National monument

Joshua Sternbuch Zürich, Switzerland 2017-01-08 The cemetary is not only a Jewish, but also a national Monument.

All nations

Carole Beaumont France 2017-01-08 This would be nothing but a desacration, a violation, a profanation. Although I'm not jewish, this would be more than a shame on Lituanian government.

Build elsewhere

Odile Suganas Paris, France 2017-01-04 How Vilnius municipality can think of building such a place! There is space where to build such a Center and not near the old Jewish cemetery. I am strongly against it. All my family is from Lithuania and this place deserve respect.

ASHLEY HELMAN Australia 2017-01-08 The Lithuanian authorities need to show leadership and correct moral judgement, and construct their new convention centre on a neutral site.

Honor for modern, independent Lithuania (restore national dignity)

David Shimansky Montreal, Canada 2017-01-04 There must be preservation of sanctity of the gravesites of the Jewish people in Vilnius. Doing so will bring great honour to the modern independent Lithuania. Unlike the Soviet regime present governement must show that care is taken to the preservation of jewish history. Thank you for showing kindness and wisdom in the above matter.

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